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Release Date: Summer, 2008 (wide) (tentative)

Release Date Notes: (7/22/01) The actual year of release will depend upon when production actually starts. Given the four years between each of the first three films (1993, 1997, and 2001), the likely target release would be summer, 2005. (12/30/02) "Variety" has confirmed that. (2/20/05) Well, filming hasn't even started yet, so that's obviously not going to happen. 2006, however, is still a strong possibility. (8/21/06) According to IGN FilmForce, producer Frank Marshall said recently that the target for production is now 2007, suggesting a 2008 release.

Title Prediction: (7/22/01) Since the title of Jurassic Park III was designed to look like the III was a claw mark, perhaps the IV for this will look like a footprint?

Distributor: Universal PicturesProduction

Company: Amblin Entertainment (Minority Report, Men in Black III)

Cast: Laura Dern (Dr. Ellie Sattler); other cast not announced yet.

Cast Notes: (4/19/07) Collider.com recently reported that Laura Dern has said that she's been contacted by Steven Spielberg about returning for this 4th (and possibly final) film. Meanwhile, it's unknown what other characters might be returning.

Director: Not announced yet.Director Notes: (4/19/02) Anderson Jones of E! Online reports that Joe Johnston (October Sky, The Rocketeer, Jurassic Park III) will most likely not be returning. (4/19/07) Joe Johnston's non-returning remains a solid story, according to recent quotes from the director himself. Steven Spielberg is also a no-go, considering that he will be directing Indiana Jones 4 at around the same time. So, expect a new director to be coming aboard the franchise.

Screenwriter: William Monahan (his feature film debut will be Kingdom of Heaven coming soon; also has Tripoli in development); rewrite by John Sayles (Alligator, Piranha; cowriter of The Howling)

Screenwriter Notes: (4/19/02) Anderson Jones of E! Online reports that Michael Crichton, author of the books the first two movies were based on, is being sought to at least come up with the story idea. (11/11/02) William Monahan has been hired to actually work on the script. (2/20/05) Director and screenwriter John Sayles is known today mostly for intimate, independent movies, but he got his start in the 1970s writing monster horror movies like Alligator, and in that spirit, he was brought aboard last year to work on this monster movie's script too.

Based Upon: This is the fourth in the Jurassic Park series. (7/22/01) Jurassic Park III scored a five day opening box office of over $80 million, putting it on track to possibly make over $200 million by late August. Presuming this project was only going to be "killed" by poor b.o. for III, this project should now continue through development.Premise: (2/20/05) Nothing is firmly known about the details of this fourth movie's premise, except that it will surely involve cloned dinosaurs running around, attacking and eating people.

Jurassic Park IV (2008)

Jurassic Park IV (2008)Bloody-Disgusting learned this weekend that Universal Pictures has officially begun casting for Jurassic Park IV, which will film in Kauai, Hawaii later this year! Laura Dern confirmed her return to the franchise as Dr. Ellie Sattler here as Sam Neill will NOT return. We're told that the film is about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. Based on that I can now safely declare that this franchise has entered 'ridiculous sequel mode'. Watch for more news soo